December 9, 2018

Why lifestyle photography?


Have you ever heard about lifestyle family photography? Its entire purpose is to be the opposite of taking traditional, posed, directed pictures. Tons of photos you see on Instagram showing authentic family situations and moments how they really happened, full of true reactions and emotions, are considered to be lifestyle. Add an artistic touch to this approach and you get a real treasure – precious pictures which are going to be true lifetime memories.


So why family lifestyle photography? As most of my clients do, I prefer to see a messy baby eating his first meal, a real smile on his mother’s face or family cooking their favorite meals, playing games and simply enjoying their time together.


All this creative freedom in taking pictures brought the lifestyle sessions to the popularity they have now. Doing this type of photography keeps me truly happy and make me believe I have the most amazing job in the world!


I believe that lifestyle sessions are less stressful to people I am photographing (however strange it sounds, being photographed can be stressful!). I visit my clients in their natural environment – at home, where they fell the most comfortable and relaxed. I do ask sometimes to pose and get some traditional family portraits. But most of the time during the session, I just observe what’s around me and take pictures. Sometimes the family even stops noticing me and that is the point!


I never should take the camera down, as I might miss the important moment. In those moments, the real life is happening and I am there to photograph it.

My clients are always very happy about the pictures. They appreciate having natural and intimate atmosphere of the session and also lots of fun during the photoshooting!

If you want your family pictures look in this special, natural way, go ahead and contact me!



family-in-home-session child-portrait-in-home-session family-on-the-couchboy-huging-mother boy-touching-mummy-bellyboy-portrait boy-drawing-the-guitar boy-playing-guitar