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Family Photographer in Vienna

by paulina simankowicz photography

At home

by paulina simankowicz photography

At home

by paulina simankowicz photography

At home

by paulina simankowicz photography

At home

by paulina simankowicz photography

At home

by paulina simankowicz photography

At home


Natural photography of your precious family moments β™₯

Natural photography of your precious family moments β™‘

Photographer in Vienna

Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.

Yousuf Karsh


nice to see you here!

My name is Paulina and I am one of these lucky ones whose work is purely driven by passion. I am Vienna based professional lifestyle family & portrait photographer, licensed by Austrian Chamber of Commerce, who looks for the beauty in real smiles and honest human connections, in ordinary situations.

As photography was my passion ever since I remember, I have taken part in lots of different courses and trainings to develop myslef in this field, as well as completed LIK Academy for Photo and Design in Vienna.

I believe that the most special moments are the 'in-between' ones. That is why I always have my camera ready for creating stories and this is how I would like to photograph a single day of your family life: capturing all, as unique as it is, in the most authentic and natural way.



Do you find this picture powerful?
I do.


My first bath. The very first one! Beautifully captured by my Dad.

I truly believe that photographing is important. You understand that when you look at your old family pictures.

And this is my personal WHY I have chosen to be a photographer.


Having camera in hands gives me a possibility to make a mark in history, to freeze a moment. Not only big moments, like wedding ceremony or welcoming a newborn, but also ordinary situations from your family life deserve to be photographed. You see your messy baby eating or getting his first tooth. Simply: you notice your child growing… Don’t let those moments to be forgotten!




Paulina is a beautiful human being and a very talented photographer. She has "the eye" and knows exactly when to catch the right moment, the right expression, the right emotion. We had such a smooth and easy photo session with her. We were just having coffee, chatting and playing with our three year old son while she was capturing those precious moments. No pausing or trying to get our best smile.. it was spontaneous and natural and this is what we liked most. A beautiful experience that I warmly recommend! Thank you a million Paulina!


Sarah & Marco

I can highly recommend Paulina as a family photographer. She truly loves her job and does it with heart and all the skills she has gained during the years of collecting her experience. We've had already two home photo shootings done year by year and what I could say this is the best thing I could do for my kids as a material gift for them in the future. Paulina has a very good contact even with the little children, is charming, talkative and open-minded person. Her photos show the important things - emotions. The background of the home is only a canvas for the picture, blurred and not significant, this is what I wanted to! Five stars fly for the best Family Photographer in Vienna! πŸ‘πŸ˜˜πŸ™‚

Marta & Pawel

Paulina was simply superb. We had a maternity photo session in nature with our toddler and not only was it a very memorable, fun experience, but we are also delighted with the stunning photos.

What we especially liked about her were the following points (and we've had experience with multiple photographers in the past):
1. Great communication. From the first contact, she was very communicative and responsive, respecting our wishes but also being very forthcoming with helpful suggestions and directions, e.g. wardrobe choice that goes well with autumn colors; at the beginning of the photoshoot she explained her style and how we can position ourselves with respect to one another to show a closer emotional connection in the pictures.
2. Good choice of location: she suggested a beautiful location off the beaten path, which allowed us to have our photo session undisturbed by passers-by and which formed a wonderfully colorful autumn backdrop for our pictures.
3. Skilflful control of lighting/color: she has a deep understanding of natural lighting and color, and how to capture the best lighting by timing the photo session well and picking spots where to position us.
4. Easy-going, friendly personality. Like other reviews said, from the beginning it's like meeting a very good friend, and you're just hanging out together having a good time. You're almost forgetting that you're being photographed, so no forced smiling on pictures--you're just being captured having a good time with your family and a new family friend. The joy shows in the pictures.
5. Great with children. Our toddler always tended to look grumpy/disaffected in previous photo sessions and we have come to accept he's not one to smile for the camera. Not with Paulina. Very few minutes in the photoshoot our toddler warmed up to Paulina's friendly, outgoing personality and glowing smile. He kept wanting to play with her and it's visible in all the pictures how he genuinely had a great time during the photoshoot. A tall order for a photoshoot with a toddler who is supposed to be in his terrible twos!
6. Good eye for detail and composition. She picks out details and moments and manages to capture the love and joy of our family with beautiful compositions.
7. Quick turnaround time for photos. We got our high quality processed pictures within a few days after the photoshoot, which we were very happy about.
8. Enthusiasm for capturing unique moments. This last point I find the rarest of qualities in Paulina that I believe is essential in a photographer. With other photographers we've had in the past, it's often noticeable that once they've captured the formulaic shot they wanted in their mind, they tend to be disinterested in shooting more photos in the same setting and urge you to move to a different scene to get their next formulaic shot (even when our toddler was spontaneously doing something supercute and in my mind I go "Dang, why didn't the photographer capture that?"). Not with Paulina. She went with the flow, and observed our natural interactions, and enthusiastically kept on capturing the unique moments along the way. So when our toddler became fascinated in playing with the autumn leaves and kept wanting to gift them to the adults, she captured the joyful expressions on his face while holding the leaves. It's these unique unscripted moments that were captured so adeptly that made our photoshoot especially memorable. All because of her enthusiasm to capture our precious moments, rather than just going for the next formulaic shot.

In all, we were extremely happy to have her as our photographer, and can't wait to have her to do a newborn photo session with us as well.

boy running in the park autumn colors


It was the first time that we had had photos taken at home and we are so happy with how it all went and the end products. Paulina put us all at ease and is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. She is easy to contact and answered the many questions I had before and after the session. I would recommend Paulina to others and would definitely have her take our photos again.

baby in parents arms

Heather & Oliver

Woooww!!! What an amazing photos!!! They are gorgeous!!! We are looking at them for the millionth time :) Thank you so much!! They are perfect!

little boy with his mother

Sonja & Dragan

Paulina is a great photographer with an amazing ability to capture unique, fragile moments and emotions. She portrays the beauty if everyday life with a lot of attention and sensitivity. Can only recommend her!


We had an outdoors family photo session with Paulina and I can warmly recommend her as a photographer. She takes lovely pictures that look real and natural but also very beautiful. She is also a lovely person which made the photo session fun and comfortable for our family.

Anna & Patrik