Telling a story of Baby Pola // Vienna Family Photographer

September 23, 2021


I have had the pleasure to photograph this family of six, after welcoming their baby girl, Pola in April this year.

It turned out that they are a lovely, happy family living in an outstanding house just next to the forest. I was amazed by the beauty of their home, the surroundings, and the closeness of the nature they live in.
sister and her baby sister
little toes of a newborn
I truly love to capture authentic family moments, to experience the chaos and dynamics of the group of people I photograph.
My newborn session with this family was full of funny interactions, playing with siblings but also calm, peaceful, and quiet. I can still feel all those emotions when I look at those pictures. Do you? 🙂
family in the kitchen
boy playing in his room
children playing on the floor
girl reading a book at the window
children portrait in their room
girl writting on the blackboard
children drawing on the blackboard
boy and girl at home
mother holding a newborn
newborn smiling
mother holding smiling newborn
newborn and his brother
sister kissing his little baby brother
dog laying on the floor at home
mother with her newborn at home
parents and newborn at home
newborn yawning
family of sixsleeping newborn
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