How to prepare for home family session?

March 24, 2020

How in-home family session look like?

If you think every photo shoot with toddlers or newborn goes off without a hitch, l can assure you, it doesn’t.It might be that the newborn is in a bad mood during whole time and mostly crying. Or the 2 year old might constantly running around without stop, making it challenging for me to take a good picture.

It might look messy, unpredictable and chaotic. Please remeber, it is all part of the game and IT IS ALL GOOD.

This is why I am there for you!

In-home sessions are ment to document your family life in the most relaxed and NATURAL way and let’s stick to it. Let’s don’t pretend that things didn’t happen and everything went perfectly smooth.

However, there are few tips I’d like to share with you, if you want to prepare yourself better for a session.


Scheduling the session

The best is to book the session time after your baby’s napptime. You want your child to be as relaxed and chilled as possible, and this usually happens just after he had his little siesta, doesn’t it? This applies to newborn sessions as well as the ones with older toddlers. We want to keep fussiness to a absolute minimum 🙂


newborn lifestyle session



The best would be if you pick a color scheme for your pictures. This doesn’t mean that you all have to wear the same thing, or that everyone has to wear the same color. It means that you could build your color scheme with three or four colors and tones (or patterns) that compliment it. Soft neutral colors tend to work the best (white, beige, light brown, cream, olive, navy etc). Avoid black, neon or very bright colors. Most important: wear the clothes you are comfortable in!

It would be great, if your clothes are without pictures or slogans – the more “gentle”, uniform patterns (or no patterns), the better. We will make many „close ups” , so all kind of patterns on the clothes tend to distract the eye.

If you wish to dress your baby in a particular way, just prepare the clothes to change the outfit during the session. However, I don’t recommend to change outfits too many times. It might distract the kids.

For newborn session: Please prepare light color, plain (without patterns) blanket, where we would place the baby during the session in order to make few portraits and close ups. If you don’t have any, we can do it straight on a light bedding. I will bring a piece of creamy soft material, in which we can wrap the baby.

changing clother to a babygirl


Preparing your apartment

I know that you would wish to have your home as photo-ready as possible. My only advice here is: do as much as you can but don’t go crazy. Think of the items you don’t want to have on your pictures and remove them. Scattered toys are a part of your daily family routine? Why not to leave them on the floor!

Make sure you have anything your children love. If there is an activity you love doing together,  (games, balls, blowing bubbles etc.) make sure it is handy.

boy playing with toys


Be yourself!

That’s right! And that is actually the most important point. At the end, I want you to have a great time during our photo session. So just relax and have fun! Focus on your family and forget I am next to you. Maybe it sounds akward now, when you read this text but believe me – after 10 – 15 minutes of the session, you will see that everything is done in very relaxed atmosphere.


What can you expect once I arrive?

When get to your home, I will take a look around to check out all of the rooms we plan on shooting in, as well as if we need to scoot any furniture around. During our session, don’t worry about looking at the camera. I will always instruct you when you need to look at me. I tend to photograph the life as it is, the activities you do together and the way how you really spend time at home. May it be eating breakfast, playing the game on the floor, cuddling on the couch. Of course, I will also make some posed pictures, portraits of the family – therefore we will find the best spot in the room in terms of lighting and I will guide you with posing. At newborn session, we will take time to make close ups and portraits of your baby.


vienna family home session


What if family does not cooperate?

Kids will be kids. This is why it is good to start with a game they like to play together. It helps them relax, get into the mood and don’t treat me as a stranger 🙂 If we have a young child that can possible cry, or a newborn in a bad mood, don’t worry! Snuggling and hugging might help and it also make for some of the best photos. Besides, who said that all the pictures have to be filled only with smiles??

baby crying in her mothers arms

baby crying in her mothers arms

baby smiling in her mothers arms


If you child doesn’t want to pose the way you want, just let it go. I don’t have any expectations before the session, cause I know how things can go with toddlers. So you also shouldn’t.

And that is part of natural family sessions’ charm. I am here to photograph the real life! ♡


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