Now our family is complete…

March 24, 2019

They wanted to have few pictures of baby princess and of course we ended up having natural session of the whole family. 

My friends’ older daugther is so cute! She was constantly telling me about her little sister and couldnt be more excited and proud. At some point during the session, she also became a bit annoyed with me taking the pictures. Without seing a word, she just tried to avoid the camera. This is when I knew I have to stop. Family photographer should be very respectful, especially towards the youngest models. At the end, we all trully enjoyed the time together. 

See you again soon! ♥

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Every session is an enriching experience for me: meeting my couples and families, chatting, sharing laughs, building connections and trust. Admiring a beautiful sunset, listening to the birds getting active when the night is approaching, being here and now, with full attention to the details. I am growing thanks to you, because you let me be your photographer, and because with each photosession, I am becoming a better human. It was a pleasure meeting you, Emily & Georg!