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What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.

Mother Teresa

Collecting your family stories...

This type of photography remains closest to my heart!

Let me be a part of your real family life for a while. I’ll be there to capture you playing with kids on the floor, backing the cake, cuddling on the couch… You don’t need to ask your children to smile – we will capture the real smiles. Actually, you don’t need to do anything at all, just be there and enjoy time with your family.

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Paulina came to our house for a home session and captured the most lovely photos. The session was very calm and she was very kind and gentle in approaching the kids so that they were comfortable with her as well. I've always thought how nice it would be to have photos of us playing with the kids at home - and now we have that!
If you are thinking that as well, go on and contact Paulina - she is very uncomplicated and wants to capture your life!


Paulina is a beautiful human being and a very talented photographer. She has "the eye" and knows exactly when to catch the right moment, the right expression, the right emotion. We had such a smooth and easy photo session with her. We were just having coffee, chatting and playing with our three year old son while she was capturing those precious moments. No pausing or trying to get our best best smile.. it was spontaneous and natural and this is what we liked most. A beautiful experience that I warmly recommend! Thank you a million Paulina!


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Paulina hat für uns Familienfotos gemacht: bei uns zu Hause in der gewohnten Umgebung, in unserem Alltag. Unser kleiner Sohn hat sich mit Ihr sehr wohl gefühlt, somit war es für uns ein angenehmer Nachmittag, mit ganz vielen tollen Fotos. Wir empfehlen Paulina wärmstens




Do you find this picture powerful?


My first bath. The very first one! Beautifully captured by my Dad.

I truly believe that photographing is important. You understand that when you look at your old family pictures.

And this is my personal WHY I have chosen to be a photographer.

Having camera in hands gives me a possibility to make a mark in history, to freeze a moment. Not only big moments, like wedding ceremony or welcoming a newborn, but also ordinary situations from your family life deserve to be photographed. You see your messy baby eating or getting his first tooth. Simply: you notice your child growing… Don’t let those moments to be forgotten!.

Ready for your unique family session?

Ready means do nothing. Stay home with your kids and be yourself. I will do the rest :)