Photography session agreement & regulations I do not hand in any paper agreements to you before or after the session: I decided to cut the bureaucracy and paper waste. All information you need to know is written below. Booking a session with me means that you have read below regulations, understood and agreed with it.

I create authentic and natural pictures. Also retouching style (colors, tones etc.) is as natural as possible, because I believe that this is the only way to create timeless pictures (Popular colors of the pictures are changing with each season, similar as fashion, but natural tones will remain a timeless classic 😊)

Having said that, I believe that you checked my portfolio before contacting me: you know and agree with my style and approach to photography. I guarantee that the pictures we make together will be similar in style you see on my website and social media.


Please contact me via contact form or drop me an e-mail to "contact@paulinasimankowicz.com".
Confirming session date is considered a binding agreement. You can cancel the session up to 7 days before the session or in case of sickness or bad weather (in case of outdoor sessions) - for more information please check the point #7.


Please be on time for the session. Any delays shall be communicated to me at least 1 hour before the session. In case you are coming late, I will shorten the overall time dedicated for our session.


Full payment of the sessions costs (depending on the package chosen) must be done latest on the session date. 100 EUR deposit to secure your date must be paid in advance (details will follow in an invoice). Remaining balance shall be paid latest on the session date. Bank transfers are preferred.
The session cost cover the service of taking pictures and, in case of choosing Lifestyle Complete or Lifestyle Complete plus album (package 2 or 3), additionally cost of print products and its delivery. Transfers shall be done to my bank account: Paulina Simankowicz, AT401420020012761024


You will receive all retouched pictures via on-line gallery in about 2 weeks after the session. Your online gallery is password protected and will be available for 3 months after the session. You can share the gallery with your family and friends. In case you have chosen basic package, you will make a selection of your favorite 15 images which then will be available for you to download. It is possible to buy additional pictures on top of the package for 15eur each. Express delivery is available upon request and is subject to an additional fee of 50 EUR.
It is possible to upgrade the package after viewing the finalized gallery.

Please download the pictures before the gallery expires. All images will be stored for 6 months after the session. It is highly recommended that you back up all digital images on another media format. Once the images are in you hands, it is your responsibility to save the. Backing up the images is very important!


I am doing the selection of the pictures. It is NOT possible to receive RAW (unretouched) photos - retouching is a part of the entire process of delivering to you the final result. Unretouched pictures are considered unfinished product.


As mentioned before, I create natural and authentic pictures and use Lightroom software to retouch them. All images will be adjusted for exposure, brightness, contrast, sharpness to my style. I do not use Photoshop which means that I do not make porcelain faces, reduce weight or in any other way artificially change the elements of the images. If it is necessary from an aesthetic point of view, I might improve your skin or do other adjustements, but it is far away from heavy retouching. Additional heavy editing, such as removing glare on eyeglasses, braces, acne, or weight reduction, if requested, can be provided for an additional fee.


You understand that by entering into this photography agreement, I am foregoing other photographic jobs. Therefore, in case of cancellation/postponement due to unexpected reason, you should annouce it at least 7 days in advance. A new date (in case of postponement) must be booked within 6 months after the original date.

Reschedulling a session due to sickness or bad weather is free of charge. If it is not possible for a session to take place on a scheduled day due to weather or sickness, we will reschedule on an agreed date at the earliest date possible. Bad weather means heavy rain or wind, or very cold temperatures. Dark clouds are not considered bad weather and cannot be the reason to cancel the session.

In any other cases as stated above, cancelling the session after 7 days before the session date is subject to a charge of 100 EUR (deposit) as a compensation for missed work opportunity.


As per the copyright law, the copyright of your images remains the sole property of the photographer. You are free to use your images for your private purposes (sharing them with family, on social media, printing them, etc.). Crediting me in social media as a photographer is always very much appreciated.

You are not allowed to change the pictures in any way – cropping, changing colors, putting filter etc. You are not allowed to use the images for commercial purposes or photography competitions without my written consent.


I undertake to protect your personal rights by not sharing photos without your knowledge and prior consent for any purpose other than those indicated below. I need to collect your personal data for invoicing purposes. Information about the processing of your data can be found in the Privacy Policy available at: https://paulinasimankowicz.com/privacy-policy/, and by participating in the session you accept its terms and conditions.


As I fully respect your privacy, I never publish your pictures without your prior written consent. In case you grant me permission to use images from our session in my public portfolio, I could use them in my social media, website and sometimes also in printed promotional materials – that is in albums, or on paper leaflets.

You can provide information about the consent on the day of the session or after viewing the gallery. Please note that by law, consent to share the images can be revoked at any time.
However being able to public work is an important part of any photographer's business, therefore I would highly appreciate granting me the permission to use images from our session, also in a limited form. 😊